Specialized translations and authorized translator

Translations - linguistically and technically correct interpretations

At Accent, your specialist translation will be handled professionally, individually and with strict confidentiality - regardless of the target language and subject area.

We offer you translation of your texts:

  • from German into French / English


  • from French / English to German

A specialist translation requires specialist knowledge

A specialist translation basically means a translation of subject-specific content. This can be divided into technical translations (e.g. operating instructions, manuals, ...), legal translations (judgments, complaints, ...) or translations of medical research results. Experienced translators with specialist knowledge and, ideally, native language skills are required for a precise and correct specialist translation. You can therefore benefit from our well-established work processes and various supporting technologies in order to implement your individual translation project professionally and sustainably.

With this in mind, we offer the following specialist languages:

  • Internet
  • Information science
  • Multimedia
  • Film / video (technical, creative)
  • Policies
  • Economy


Die aufgeführten Logos von verwendeten Software-Lösungen oder besuchten Universitäten sollen dazu dienen, dass Sie mich und meine Arbeit noch besser einschätzen können.