What does a translation cost? This is how we calculate our prices.

Good translations save money - bad translations cost money - why?

A translation is more than just the translation of words from one language into another.

Really good translations...

should therefore be indistinguishable from the original for readers from another culture.

Really good translations...

create the basis for profitable relationships with business partners in other countries and for the acquisition of new customers. 

Such a translation is a business card. It can emphasize the professionalism and competence of a company.

We therefore ensure that your translations are managed sensibly.

We use translation memories to ensure the consistent use of your technical vocabulary and language in all your translations.

This is important for the source language alone and indispensable for the target language.

In this way we save you massive costs for editorial corrections.

Poor translations...

on the other hand, can literally lead to misunderstandings, in extreme cases even to legal complications or the termination of business relations.

In any case, they are a cost factor not to be underestimated.

Price / performance ratio

We will be happy to provide you with a personalized cost plan for the following:

Cost of translations

To calculate the approximate cost of your translation:

Ultimately, the costs depend on the level of difficulty of your text.
However, we can give you an approximate estimate:

  • 0,90 - € 2,15 per line

The costs remain transparent: word price in the original text. 

Since every word processor is able to count the number of characters in a text document  and to divide them by 55, spaces included (in Microsoft Word, for example, this is done under "File - Properties - Statistics tab"), it is becoming increasingly popular to use the number of lines in the original text as a basis.

Costs for an interpreter assignment

Per interpreter and 6 hours working day they range from

  • € 450 und €800.

Travel and other costs or expenses not included.

Costs for formatting work / proofreading

We will update your documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.).

The price here is

  • € 45 per hour.

For the management of your language data with translation software (translation memories) we calculate

  • € 65 per hour

Furthermore, we estimate the proofreading of your documents as

  • € 45 per hour.

We not only correct spelling and style, but also ensure consistent use of your technical vocabulary.

Do you have any questions?

For us, personal advice is part of good service and lasting satisfaction. Let us discuss your translation project and find the best solution.


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